Imagine your perfect wedding day with the dulcet strings of the Celtic Harp playing as you drift beautifully down the aisle to the arms of your beloved. Your guests are already entranced by the lovely mixture of Classical, Celtic, Romantic, and Spiritual songs being played and sung as they await your magic moment. Soft harp music can be playing as you exchange vows, the perfect song can enhance your candle or sand ceremony, and perhaps you’ll select a lovely solo to e performed as part of your ceremony. Then as you are introduced by the officiate, you kiss, and the music begins again, lively and triumphant, as you march down the aisle to begin your new life together.

Perhaps you have chosen a lovely selection of classical and romantic harp music for your cocktail hour. Perhaps you have selected Kathleen’s 3 or 4 piece ensemble playing a fun mix of oldies, Celtic, classical, pop, and country. You watch as guests smile in turn when their favorite song is played.

You are thrilled that you were able to select just the right sound at your personal wedding preview visit with Kathleen where she went over your options for your special day and helped you plan the perfect musical background.

For your dinner you have opted for Kathleen’s duo, “The Two of Us” who sing soft rock, oldies, and Celtic tunes in beautiful close harmony accompanied by guitar and harp.

After the speeches and toasts, the cake cutting, the bouquet tossing, you are ready to rock out and celebrate. You opt for Kathleen’s classic rock band lead by Jim Moore on vocals and guitars, Tim Brittain on violin, Kathleen on harp and mandolin, and a full backing track giving you hours of one great song after the other. Thrill to Jim’s amazing lead guitar solos, more close harmony on the vocals, Tim’s fiery fiddle, and perhaps the beat of the bodhran drum.

Or perhaps you opt for the mixtape of favorite oldies and classic rock provided by your disk jockey, Jim Moore. Planning ahead, you were able to make sure your personal favorites were on the mixtape.

Or if you’re Irish, you might want wild jigs, reels, plaintive ballads, and even an Irish dance troupe to entertain your guests. Some brides want guests to have the chance to learn the Ceili Dances. A dance instructor can be arranged. Kathleen’s Celtic Echoes band is one of the few in town that can play the demanding exact rhythms and timings for Celtic dancers. Picture the costumes, the curls dancing with the step, the delight of your guests.

At the end of your magical day, you run to your car holding your beloved’s hand, to the wild cheers of your friends and family, knowing you have had the most beautiful and perfect wedding. Let your life together begin!!

“May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, quick to make friends. But rich or poor, slow or quick, may you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.”



Planning for the wedding: Generally, we will be planning the Prelude (20-30 minutes of music while guests arrive prior to the wedding), a special piece for the family seating, special piece for the bridesmaids, the Bride’s processional, any ceremony music such as the sand ceremony, candle ceremony, communion, etc., Recessional of the couple, Postlude while guests exit.

In addition we will go over choices of music if desired for the rehearsal dinner, rehearsal, cocktail hour, dinner, reception. I offer a wide selection of musical groupings and genres. Given enough time, I can accommodate most requests. Please make your requests at the time of the contract / planning meeting.

The price includes a complimentary bridal visit to my home studio or a phone consultation that can include your own personal harp selection previews. You may bring your intended, your parents, bridesmaids, your best friend – whoever can help you make your decisions. This can be a lot of fun!!

Sound Samples and play lists: You can currently hear sound samples by clicking on the “buy my CD” button. My solo CD is there with 20 sound samples of Celtic music. I have also begun adding samples of our duo and band music. I will continue to add music samples of typical wedding selections. Stay tuned for more samples!

Service Area: Kathleen and her band travel throughout San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. Kathleen has traveled throughout the US and Ireland. Generally, as long as travel expenses are covered, we are happy to accommodate your event location.

Cost: Kathleen’s prices are in line with other area harpists. There are several factors that effect cost. Location, special requests, sound set ups, new music requests, number of musicians, etc. Kathleen is happy to go over your options and provide you with your individual quotation.

Payments: A non-refundable $200 deposit and signed contract at the time of booking is required, half the remaining fee is due six (6) months prior to the wedding, the remaining is paid on the day of the wedding upon my arrival at the wedding site. There are no refunds for inclement weather. Generally, payments are non-refundable.

Special Considerations: Harps must be kept out of extreme conditions. It must have shade (umbrella, canopy, tree) on a sunny day. It cannot be exposed to rain. You must arrange an alternate wedding location for inclement weather, or a tent that protects the harp. If amplification is needed, we will need a power source. I do have a battery-powered amplifier for outdoor weddings where electricity is not available.